Patagonia Wetsuits, Again

April 2nd, 2016

Patagonia Wetsuits, Again

Its almost impossible to find any info online about Patagonia wetsuits. It’s so hard, that a random customer created a wetsuit web site for them. The site is bare bones, but allows you to view a 360vr of both the outside and inside. It also offers some info on the materials. Like the  tops, these suits also mostly avoid petroleum and benefit from a resulting closed cell structure. A big thing missing from the site though, is a review. Everyone wants to know, are they worth the price? Do they rash you? How is it holding up?

I estimate the guy has $400 or so in the wetsuit and $400 to $800 dollars of billable time in making the site. That’s either some serious brand loyalty or a very sneaky guerilla marketing campaign. Given Patagonia’s stellar reputation and the fact the the photos on the site are pretty bad, I’m going with the latter former. EDIT: I fully ment the former here. Sorry!

I got on the waiting list for a 3/3 full suit months ago.
I’ve heard good things but they might be too warm so I’m hoping when they get their 2/2′s (eQual to a normal 4/3 I’m told)
There’s talk out there about the rubber splitting on the cuffs but this was explained to me as customer mistreatment.
The rubber is super soft high Quality Japanese smoothy, for the most part, and can’t just be ripped on like any other.
A little care has to go into putting on the suit.
In Japan all the surfers use a plastic bag on their foot before putting through, as not to tear the soft material.
In my opinion a wetsuit just can’t be soft enough.
I’m all about the comfort and flex as well as the enviroment.
Hopefully I’ll get my suit someday and I’ll have some mo info.

East coast surfer’s wife here… After 16 years of daily surfing, we think Hubby has developed an allergy to neoprene… We are pretty sure it is from the newer blend used to make the super stretch (though this is just my best uneducated guess) since his heavy upper-arm rash did not start until using the Elastomax suit purchased last fall. Rash guards haven’t been enough to keep the distance.

We decided to search for polartec, and finally settled on (what we think is) the US version: Thermocline. It is really meant for diving, but it has 3 layers: fleece, membrane, and nylon (warmth equivalent to 2mm). Since wearing it under his 4/3, the rash has gone, but I can tell he is somewhat uncomfortable with the bunching and heat.

He saw info about the Regulator suit on FuelTV, and so I looked it up and eventually landed here. Maybe someone can give some insight, since all I really know is how much time, effort, and money has gone into this “Search for Relief”. While this quest is worth-while, all I can see is dollar signs and disappointment. After all the effort he’s put in to date, I’d hate to see him drop another $500 on a lost cause.

Any ideas as to whether or not the ingredients in this particular suit would save him from further suffering? I’d love to hear from anyone on the subject, especially if you have experienced the same problem and have found a solution.