Longest Lasting Wetsuit (Thread)

April 2nd, 2016

Longest Lasting Wetsuit (Thread)

The Patagonia Wetsuits, Again thread just won’t die. It seems every few weeks someone finds the thread through a search or a link or written on a surfshop bathroom wall and stops by to leave a comment. 10 comments isn’t many, but add the fact that “patagonia wetsuit” is the fourth most searched term on 70 this month, and the Patagonia Wetsuits, Again thread is in the top 15 of all entry pages (out of about 500 or so) this month alone and you start to see what a hot topic these suits are.

It’s fantastic to see so many people with a passion for this particular type of wetsuit. Of course, no one’s complaining about he site traffic – it’s great to know that people are talking about it and recommending it avidly to their friends. And they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends – you know how it goes, whether it’s a thread about Patagonia wetsuits or the games at http://www.partycasino.com/bokepoker88.comagen togel, Judi Poker. If something’s popular on the web, especially in a forum, it tends to stay that way for a while.

The latest comment on the thread is from Julie who’s man seems to have developed an allergy to neoprene. While this might result in more waves for Julie, it must suck for him. She wrote to ask if anyone knows if Patagonia’s rubber might help her share some waves with her beau without him turning into an inflamed strawberry of itch.

I have owned my Patagonia wetsuit since August. It is a bit more spendy than competitors, but I am familiar with Patagonia’s “Iron Clad Guarantee”, and that is why I chose to purchase it. Lasting under their guarantee does not become a concern, they stand behind their product. It is by far the most superior wetsuit I have ever owned. Patagonia thrives on their customer’s providing honest feedback, which ultimately leads to design improvements. Which is why I am interested in seeing what develops with their wetsuits over time, because the customer provided feedback will eventually lead to superior product development.