How FIFA Decides Which Team Can Compete in World Cup

April 2nd, 2016

How FIFA Decides Which Team Can Compete in World Cup

You may be among those who are enjoying World Cup, betting against favorite teams or simply enjoying the game. However, have you ever thought how FIFA decides which soccer team that is qualified for the game? There are hundreds of big teams in the world, and there are only 32 teams that can compete in the World Cup, so there must be a system to determine the formation. And yes, the process can be a long one.


FIFA World Cup Team Qualification: Different Region Qualifications

There are 6 confederations that signify teams in FIFA: Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, America (North, Central, and Caribbean) and South America. Each confederation has different methods of qualification to select the team, depend on how many teams they have. Oceania, for example, only needs several matches that are started with South Pacific Games to determine the team. Meanwhile, Europe needs to divide the games 2 rounds, which are followed by 32 teams that will be reduced to 12.

However, nothing beats America, which requires 4 rounds to divide 35 teams to maximum 4 slots. Meanwhile, Asia needs 3 rounds to reduce 43 teams to 10. With such complicated preparations, it is not a surprise that World Cup becomes one of the most elaborate and biggest sport events that is enjoyed universally.