Wolfgang Bloch

wolfgang bloch

If Mark Rothko surfed, he would have made paintings like Wolfgang Bloch. More at The Surf Gallery.

6 Responses to “Wolfgang Bloch”

  1. elitist bastard Says:

    I usually despise all surf art but Wolfgang Bloch’s art makes me weep like a little girl.

  2. pushingtide Says:

    Such amazing stuff.

    Love the depth and vastness of his art. Even though his waves are super small way off in the horizon you can still tell that it is pumpin’.

  3. surf kultura Says:

    Totally agree. I donĀ“t usually like so much surf art but this is really superb.
    Thanks Rob.

  4. Patch Says:


    Thanks for capturing this and most surf related stuff.

    Blochs work in general gives me that feeling of discovery, a long trek to a mysto spot, off in the distance you see the cloudbreak you know it’s going off and no ones out and it’s just a matter of time until you get there. Love his work.

  5. rob70 Says:

    If you guys like this work in the slightest, you’ve got to check out Mark Rothko’s color field work. Pictures of it are fine, but go see one in a museum if you can. They always put a bench in front of his work so you can sit and loose yourself in them. I think surfers would relate because we stare at 2 flat planes of color so much: sky and water.

  6. Andrew Says:

    Check out an interview with Wolfgang Bloch conducted in March 2007… http://www.clubofthewaves.com/art_interview_wolfgang_bloch.php

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