Walker Perimeter Stringer Blank

Found this at Mitches last weekend. Apprently it’s just for display, but the guys at walker will make you one for an extra 40 or 50 bucks. The red foam on the outside is high density.

walker surfboard blanks full
walker surfboard blanks nose

I’m curious… have any of you guys actually riden a perimeter stringered blank? If so what did you think?

5 Responses to “Walker Perimeter Stringer Blank”

  1. reverb Says:

    Loehr had the same idea, but better
    with balsa stringers and EPS /PU combo

  2. JP Says:

    I saw some of those cut on the machine a few weeks ago. Kind of cool, you can tell the nose and tail are a tricky matter. I think I would rather have a high density foam rail with regular glue up and a thin center stringer.

  3. Lawless Says:

    Fitting that a “Related Post” is Dog Eats Blank. That thing looks like it got munched on by a ravenous weiner dog. Looks like a tough layup for sure.

    Here’s a good writeup and discussion on the perimeter stringer blanks:


  4. rob70 Says:

    I read through that lawless. It’s pretty wild that such a pottentially huge innovation only started to make it into the mainstream less than a year ago.

    JP, have you ridden one?

    Seems like the designs like this one, where the stringers don’t meet, allow for the same type of twisting a center stringer blank would have. You’d have to give it a stiff tail block to keep it from getting all twisty on you. Some of the designs don’t have the rails meeting at the nose.

    I’d love to see write ups on all the pstringer types.

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