The Present

This feature on Surfline just got me insanely stoked on seeing the present this weekend in Encinitas at the La Paloma. Maggie and I have our tickets, we’ve seen the trailer, we bought the Mattson 2 album and some Ray Barbee tunes and we are ready to see it all diced and spliced, packaged and shit… what’s surfy that rhymes with packaged? Crackage… swackage? Anyways, you know all the heads are going to be there and that afterward, the Saloon will be impossible to navigate. MMMM MMM fun.

If you don’t have your tickets head down to see Devon at Patagonia Cardiff. I wonder if the tickets have the same ironclad guarantee as everything else they sell?

Here are some pics from the flick you might not have seen yet…

5 Responses to “The Present”

  1. Seamouse Says:

    damn. I forgot to get tickets.
    Oh well,,,at least I’m 4000 miles away. Guess I’ll wait for it on DVD.

  2. Jamie Watson Says:

    Aw, poor Seamouse. )-: Can’t wait to see it in SF on March 28. I’ll find a souvenir to send to Seamouse.

  3. rob70 Says:

    Yep, sea… you missed it. Fun movie, fun night. I hear he ‘finished’ it at 4am in NY the night before the premiere. It’s only going to get better. :D

  4. Beach Bum Says:

    Any word of The Present hitting any independent cinemas OUS? Do let me know if it makes it to DVD. Cheers , BB

  5. Rudo Says:

    The third photo is just crazy… I cant wait to watch this movie, but I still have to wait to get it in France ! I hope you will do a report when you have seen the movie :)


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