Ryan Burch & Eric Snortum Ripping on Alaias

Nathan Oldfield recently shot Ryan Burch and Eric Snortum surfing Tom & Jon Wegener’s Alaias…

Wegener Surfboards: Alaias from Nathan Oldfield on Vimeo.

I surf with Ryan quite a bit at various Encintas and Cardiff breaks. Whether he’s nose riding, throwing buckets on a thruster, riding a wooden plank or his homemade finnless contraption with the McDonalds lams in overhead stormy windswell (leashless), the dude rips.

Nice work as always Nathan. Makes me wish I hadn’t gone gay for Chase Burns last week. Enough internets. I’m looking for some wax and going for a surf.

2 Responses to “Ryan Burch & Eric Snortum Ripping on Alaias”

  1. surfy surfy Says:

    That was a pretty funny exchange this evening at the reef with you Ryan and Eric.

    Rob70: “Guys I just posted that New Zealand footage of you on my blog.”

    Ryan: “The what?”

    Rob70: “The Nathan footage of you guys riding alaias in New Zealand. Eric you are in it too.”

    Eric: “Why?”

    Ryan: “What?

    Rob70: “Did you two not go to New Zealand and surf wood planks and get filmed?”

    Ryan: “It’s on the internet?”

    Eric: “I’m not in it.”

    Rob70: “Yes you are. You are both in it.”

  2. Nathan Oldfield Says:

    haha. classic. internet land is a strange, funny place. thanks rob.

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