Maggie Published

Maggie Marsek has a full spread editorial image in the new Surf Europe.

On my command, you must go buy every copy of the mag you can find… go.

12 Responses to “Maggie Published”

  1. Ed Fladung Says:


  2. clayfin Says:


  3. JP Says:

    Nice. I gotta get one of those. BTW, is that you walking to Grandview?

  4. justin Says:

    nice work Maggie!! keep snapping away!!

  5. surferbrat Says:

    Wow, this is so inspiring. I’m a photographer (who shoots surfing as well), and I’ve definitely noticed the lack of female surf photographers out there. Particularly who are getting published. Way to go, Maggie!
    Now I just have to figure out where to get a copy of Surf Europe.

  6. carruth11 Says:

    Nice Maggie!!!! Give my old neighbor a big pat on the back. That is very exciting. What’s next, Surfer mag? Take care and when are you going to publish the Peruvian Experience??

  7. Patch Says:


  8. malcolm Says:

    beauty shot maggie…! nice work…

  9. pinliner Says:

    Maggie rules.

  10. rob Says:


  11. maggie Says:

    I am honored to appear in such a well put together publication as Surf Europe
    Thank you everyone for your kind words of stoke!

    You keep surfing, I’ll keep shooting ;)

  12. Says:

    I think I can recognize my street! That Grandview, righ? Congratulations Maggie. Keep up the good work!

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