Ether – A book by Andrew Kidman And Consafos Press

Andrew Kidman has devoted his life to documenting the backwaters of wavesliding and in the process has created one of his own in the form of a 252 page 12×12 hard bound book called Ether. The work is comprised of photographs, art and interviews of locals and legends, breaks and boards that ignores modern surfing’s photoshopped lineups, faux distressed designs and sponsor produced press packets. Ether has emerged from a life spent sketching stories in pencil, pulling screen prints and surfing lonely lands with the seekers, shapers and originators of style and flow.

This limited edition will be found in the abodes of watermen and women who respect the history of their breaks, who own multiple forms of surfcraft and ride them in all conditions. It will stand beside the rainbowed spines of collected volumes of the Journal and other fine publications which inspect surf culture.

You can download a 12 page PDF Preview of Ether here.

Congrats to Kirk Gee of Consafos Press for shepherding this project through the publishing process.

A few images from the book:

Wayne Lynch

13 Responses to “Ether – A book by Andrew Kidman And Consafos Press”

  1. Ed Fladung Says:

    wicked link, homeslice. keep em comin’.

  2. Ed Fladung Says:

    oh and no link to the publisher’s page?

  3. james bowman Says:

    Man, that was a rad hookup. Thanks!

  4. reverb Says:

    …these pict are very surfy

  5. surferbrat Says:

    So excited about this. Kidman is just amazing and supporting small projects like this is such a great way to keep this kind of great stuff coming!

  6. Seamouse Says:


  7. kirk Says:

    Thanks Rob, this is a really fancy, self made and promoted project so it’s great seeing it get infront of the people it’s designed for. My involvement is very minor- bullying people to finish stuff mostly- it’s really all Andrew’s fine work. Ed (or anyone else), you can get info by emailing me at We’ll be doing a book tour thing (with slideshow and maybe a new Hydrodynamica trailer) early next year too. I’ll keep you posted.

  8. New York Surf Blog » Book Report Says:

    [...] [...]

  9. totempole Says:

    Nice sales pitch 70 !
    It seems like it is not enough that I shape my own, have a quiver of boards from one-fin to 5-fins, do not use surfline (or wetsand), go on a monthlong trip every year, and generally spend way too much time and money in the *act* or surfing, In order to truly be considered a waterman, I am now expected to plunk $175 on a collection of images and stories largely from the archives of Litmus, Glass Love and TSJ articles (all fantastic works by the way).
    As Tempting as it is, I think I will keep the not-so-indignificant sum in my board fund.

  10. rob70 Says:

    In no way did I intone that to be a waterman you must own this book. If you read the sentence again, you’ll see that the statement in question simply tries to illustrate the dedication, well rounded nature, and general love of surfing people who buy the book may possess.


  11. Ed Fladung Says:

    werd. kook.

  12. JP Says:

    Me likey print media and literacy.

  13. kirk Says:

    Hell yeah, we just booked a Kidman show at the Patagonia store for Jan 26- a slide show/signing and maybe show a bit of Hydrodynamica. We’ll also do the Swift Festivus as always. JP, missed your seminar at the Scared Craftsmen consumer fest due to being made to try to sell stuff. Everyone said it was cool and had a great crowd. I’m like listening to impassioned argument better than being a (pisspoor) capitalist, so I was bummed.

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