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Chris Christenson Shaping at SC08

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

I’ve recently gotten a twin keel fish from Chris that really, really goes well. In honor of how freaking well that board goes, it’s officially Chris Christenson week at 70. Here’s a huge gallery of Chris shaping at sacred craft 08 by my beau Maggie Marsek. One of my favorites from the gallery:

Don’t miss this photo of Rusty checking Chris’s technique. Chris ghost shaped for r-dot for years, learning the force the old fashioned way… by mowing lots and lots of foam.


Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Shrimp Suck

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

The next time your waiter brings a pound of shrimp to the table, imagine him dumping 30 pounds of finfish on your table. Why 30? For every pound of shrimp you eat, 30 pounds of other ocean creatures die as bycatch. Yep, you just killed 30 pounds of fin fish.

How is this waste possible? Most shrimp is caught with one of the most destructive fishing techniques known to man… trawling. Trawling involves weighted nets drug across the ocean bottom, which destroy coral and other fish habitat and suck up every sea creature in it’s path. Those creatures are dumped on the deck of a trawler. The shrimp are then picked out one by one and the rest of the catch, most of which is dead, is thrown overboard to the gulls and fish.

This industry destroys other fisheries for both recreational and commercial fishermen. Trawling also uses so much fuel, that with the recent increases in diesel prices, most shrimpers can hardly afford to pull their nets.

So what can you do? You can learn more at and make every effort to buy farm raised shrimp.


Friday, August 15th, 2008

Regardless of your political leanings, you gotta admit, Obama has some damn good body surfing technique. More pics here.

Obama Bodysurfing

Cue comments regarding how Ron Paul would end all blackballs because they aren’t in the constitution in three, two, one…

UPDATE: Video!

Closed Door Trestles Hearing

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

The latest toll road hearing might be canceled due to the size of the expected crowd. Apparently 30,000 dollars was budgeted for around 5,000 people, but organizers estimated 10,000 would show. UC Irvine officials pulled out. Isn’t that a bit like canceling an election because the opposition is so strong, that the ballots would cost too much?

The real kicker is, federal law allows for assessing applicants the cost of hearings in appeals.

Jane C. Luxton, general counsel for the federal agency, said moving to another facility on the same day would present problems because costs for crowd control and building rental could exceed the agency’s budget and advance notice is required by law for such events.

So why is Jane C. Luxton worried about how much it will cost if the TCA has to foot the bill? Anyone here think the TCA wants to pay upwards of 60k to allow 10,000 people to tell them to fuck off?

Slide In There

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

let me get some of that
air drop
mid-face hop
tail free and slick

slide in there
the bass room
on a heirloom
one fin and tucked in

bent knee, shifted vee
till I meet up with
the refacted sea

It Wasn’t Localism

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Those fucking retards at the New York Times were kinda cute when they screwed up every other article on surfing. But this time, the sensationalists over there keep trying to connect localism with the Bird Rock Bandits killing of Emery Kauanui Jr.

The first incident is in an otherwise well written article on the case. The writer had quotes from Tim Bessell and Richard Kenvin. She seemed on it, then she went over to Fox news to write the rest of it:

Violence had long been a part of the local culture at Windansea; one group, the Windansea Surf Rats, had for decades used physical violence to intimidate outsiders and tagged the group’s initials in surf wax on the sidewalk near the beach.

She couldn’t find a connection stronger than that because localism isn’t about beating someone to a death. It’s rarely even a fist fight. It’s telling them to go home. It’s paddling their carburetor out into the lineup and dropping it. It’s wax on windshields. I’m not condoning it, I’m just stating what it is.

In the rest of the article, she offers no thread of connection between the event and localism, other than the fact that Emery was a surfer. If he played hockey, and La Jolla was a hockey town, would she have written about fights in the rink?

The second instance appears in a freaking fashion article of all things:

“Although little about localism or surf territorialism is new, the public was mostly unaware of how violent the battles fought between locals and outsiders over popular breaks have sometimes become… …the well-publicized San Diego murder trial of one such alleged surf gang”.

Surf Gang? How many of them actually surfed? They played football, they spent more time on MySpace and in bars drinking than in the water. They were not a surf gang.

The NYTimes are using Emery Kauanui Jr.’s death to ramp up page views, and thus ad dollars through sensationalist tactics and shoddy journalism. The reality is any attempt to draw a line between some jocks with gang aspirations and surfing is just plain incorrect.

NYTimes, I hope you can find a big enough pry bar to get your writers heads out of your collective ass.

Bounty Of The Sea

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Found in a thread on MetaFilter about the Central California Salmon collapse.

“[once upon a time there were] cod shoals “so thick by the shore that we hardly have been able to row a boat through them.” There were six- and seven-foot-long codfish weighing as much as 200 pounds. There were great banks of oysters as large as shoes. At low tide, children were sent to the shore to collect 10-, 15-, even 20-pound lobsters with hand rakes for use as bait or pig feed. Eight- to 12-foot sturgeon choked New England rivers, and salmon packed streams from the Hudson River to Hudson’s Bay. Herring, squid and capelin (a small open-water fish seven inches long) spawning runs were so gigantic they astonished observers for more than four centuries”

Barravo! – or – Surfline’s Goodwill Tour Really Paid Off For The Locals, If Not The Tourists

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

It’s been a while since we had a shit storm here on 70. That’s a good thing, but it can get a little boring right? So to alleviate the midweek blues, I’d like you all to blast away at this statement:

Despite the propaganda-ish tone of the slideshow, it looks like Surfline’s goodwill tour to Barra really paid off for the locals. The cash it generated paved a road to the local church and finished up the town clinic. Having a clinic allowed the Mexican government to start sending a doctor to the town and it looks like they even got the new doc a spiffy typewriter.

Maybe if all the people on the internet who are bitching and doing nothing to help would have donated some funds, the town could have gotten all that good stuff without the drama! Alas, the internet is full of haters.

Tell everyone what you think with this totally unbiased poll!


Bass Out, The Next Guy Will Suck

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Surfer Mag BB boss Scott Bass is no longer the moderator.

Frankly I’m surprised he lasted as long he did among the aynonomous pageantry of faggotry that is the main forum. (No offense to any gay visitors, it just had this ring to it I couldn’t resist.) I predict the next guy will be an underpaid patsy to the man. He’ll have half the surf knowledge, 1/16th the layback snap, and a quiver containing only thrusters. He’ll never be able to pull off a live podcast and he’ll crack under the pressure of moderating the erBB like a finbox that’s been landed on by a left ass cheek.

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