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Patagonia Wetsuits, Again

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

Its almost impossible to find any info online about Patagonia wetsuits. It’s so hard, that a random customer created a wetsuit web site for them. The site is bare bones, but allows you to view a 360vr of both the outside and inside. It also offers some info on the materials. Like the Matuse tops, these suits also mostly avoid petroleum and benefit from a resulting closed cell structure. A big thing missing from the site though, is a review. Everyone wants to know, are they worth the price? Do they rash you? How is it holding up?

I estimate the guy has $400 or so in the wetsuit and $400 to $800 dollars of billable time in making the site. That’s either some serious brand loyalty or a very sneaky guerilla marketing campaign. Given Patagonia’s stellar reputation and the fact the the photos on the site are pretty bad, I’m going with the latter former. EDIT: I fully ment the former here. Sorry!

via patagoniacs

No Pop Out Shirts

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

My bro the PopoutBandit is making some no popouts shirts. True to form, the shirts will be printed with surfer labor.

No Pop Out Shirts

No Pop Out Shirts

They are a great way to show you care about buying local, supporting surfer labor and know the value of a handcrafted board. Find out more here, or email


Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

I came across the Matuse site a few months ago, but found something today on a forum that intriged me. It seems that Matuse rubber is made with Limestone, not Petroleum. Holy crap! You mean I don’t have be wrapped in oil every time I go surfing? Apparently Limestone based neoprene is used in gear for everything from horse racing to hunters. Descriptions for those products claim this kind of neoprene will not dry, crack or split. Matuse doesn’t really go into the durability aspect on their site though. They do say the closed cell foam won’t suck water, even when scratched.

matuse wetsuits

Calcium Carbonate (i.e. limestone rock that makes rubber): This sedimentary rock’s composed of mineral calcite (i.e. Calcium carbonate or limestone). It’s usually derived from shell secretions of marine organisms that fall from the water column and are deposited as pelagic ooze on the ocean floor. Many, many, many years later, this ooze becomes your premium (the ichiban) Matuse suit.”

So you’ll be wearing pelagic ooze. Cool. Kinda makes you wish the big rubber corps spent more time on enviro friendly materials than incorporating electronic devices into suits. I guess their marketing deparetments decided “Enviro friendly!” just didn’t have the same ring as “Listen to Sublime in the lineup!” or “Now with HVAC!”.

Anyone know prices on these, and if any other suits use this kind of neoprene?

Patagonia Surf Shop Opens

Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Wind blown weekends in California are great for dropping in on surf shops. For anyone near Cardiff by the Sea, a new kind of T shirt buying, board eying experience is available as Patagonia opened their first surf shop this afternoon.

I stopped by and was rewarded with the chance to talk with Chris Malloy and Devon Howard about the store. It became apparent while talking with these guys that they had incredible influence over everything from the location and the products down to the displays. Chris took the time to show me around a bit and talked about his role in the company and store. You could really see the stoke when he explained things like how paddle boards were essential and the Geoff McFetridge mixed media installation behind the counter.

Devon embodied Patagonia’s enviro and community minded approach to doing business by offering the store’s space to community meetings and providing a contact at a local group looking to restore the San Elijo Lagoon.

A warning though, for those of you expecting a standard surf shop experience: the Patagonia shop isn’t it. What the Malloy brothers and Patagonia team have crafted here, is a waterman’s shop. Don’t get me wrong, you still have plenty of sick shred sleds to choose from. Fun looking fish and longboards, eggs and a gun or two also occupy the racks. You’ve got your DVDs, board bags, leashes and traction pads too. What sets the shop apart, are the paddle boards hanging from the ceiling, the spear-guns waiting to get at a halibut, and an assortment of watercraft ranging from handboards all the way to the outrigger canoe in the courtyard (which we will surely see in the Cardiff lineup this summer).

Noticeably missing from the shop are the huge Point Of Sale displays most other shops are overrun by. True, there are a few pure product placards, like the one that explains what a sheep has to do with the Patagonia wetsuits. While browsing this store though, you are much more likely to read about the overfishing of our oceans or see a card promoting the artist involved in the product.

Also absent are boards made with PU/PE construction and other shaper’s boards. Given Patagonia’s environmental standards for the products it sells, the lack of PU/PE isn’t a suprise. As for the latter, I suppose you won’t see a new Merrick at T.Patterson’s shop in San Clemente…

Overall, the shop comes off as almost too well done. Every product seems perfectly presented. I figure though, it’s only their first day. Eventually a bar of wax will get misplaced, the Ts will need to be folded again and some guy who just broke his leash on an overhead day at Suckouts will track in some sand and salt.

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The First Patagonia Surf Shop

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

The first Patagonia Surf Shop is due to open this month in Cardiff. I was by there a day ago though, and I don’t think they’ll make it. According to this article at Transword, they’ll be trageting ‘watermen and women’ with the surf and ocean related products the Malloy brothers have had influence on for 2 years now. The EPS/Epoxy boards by Yvonne’s son Fletcher Chouinard will keep the “Surf Shop” signage fully legit and the store’s gear will be rounded out with a mix of stuff from other companies they feel have similar philosophies as thier own.

One of their first offerings is a board bag you can upgrade to a travel bag with a padded insert. Seems like a sturdy bag, but it may be a bit too reflective for my tastes.

There is a wealth of articles and essays on their site supporting the move to surfing. Keith Malloy has written a mission statement of sorts and Chris Malloy penned an essay called “The Cleanest Line” about the link decades long link between Patagonia and surfing. If you want to go one step further and actually read a book about the company, I highly recommend “Let My People Go Surfing”. It’s not as surf stoked as the title implies, being mainly about Yvonne as a reluctant business man, but it’s a great read.

My favorite of their online offerings though, is the Bend to Baja site I posted about previously.

sannyasi’s t’s

Monday, April 24th, 2006

Sannyasi has their fair traded organic cotton t’s for sale. Translate the pounds to dlls and they get to be expensive though. Why does all the stuff I like cost so freaking much?

sannyasi tshirts

northern light surf wax

Friday, April 21st, 2006

This wax is 100% free of petroleum products, as it consists of only 3 ingredeints: New Zealand Beeswax, New Zealand Pine Resin and Fijian Coconut Oil. It’s made by olosurfer, the wildman who makes the dragon board. It looks really cool, but I don’t see any pics of the BUMPs.

Olosurfer, where are the bumps?

If anyone has waxed up with it leave a comment describing the BUMPs and stick factor. It’s 37 dollars for twelve bars (which equals out to damn expensive for the mathmaticallly challenged) and I’m not sure if that covers shipping, although it apparently can be shipped anywhere in the world. For your 37 bucks, you get the piece of mind of knowing you aren’t causing harm to anything other than bees and trees and some Fijian coconuts that were asking for it anyway, with the falling on of the heads and such.

northern light surf wax

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