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Jake Shimabukuro

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

If you read the erBB enough, eventually you’ll find something as good as this wedged in between all the right wing propoganda posts:


Monday, February 23rd, 2009

My special lady friend Maggie Marsek is now blogging at It’s only been running a few weeks, but she’s already posted about the uber talented Chris Cravey, our trip to the Salton Sea, some Gothic Dolphins sightings and other rad surfy/cooky/photoy stuff.

Go check it out and leave a nice note. She gets giggly and blushes over sweet comments. I love it when she blushes.

The Baddest Boardbag Ever

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Finally a weapon in the war against baggage handlers. Who knows how durable it is, but repairing it has to be easier than repairing a board.

If it could lower the excess fees airlines I’d wear and orange robe and devote my life to worshiping at the factory. In between surf trips of course.


Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

I hope your 2009 feels just like this:

Traveling This Summer? Learn The Local Language First.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

For much of the surf world, summer is the best time to travel to a foreign country in search of swell. You’ll want to bring some good boards, warm water wax and an ipod, but you’ll also need some knowledge of the native language to find the best eateries, haggle with street vendors and to generally grease the wheels of travel.

If you genuinely want to learn enough of the local language to get by, but never seem to find the time to study, you might like my new web app. It’s called Popling and it’s designed for people who lack the motivation to study and are online for much of their day.

Here’s how it works:

You sign up for an account and install the desktop application. You then subscribe to flash card sets which contain vocabulary or phrases in your topic of choice. Every few minutes Popling will display a small notification with a question from the flash card sets you subscribed to. If you aren’t too busy, click the notification to reveal the flash card, review it, then return to what you were doing. In just a few seconds you’ve learned a new word or phrase.

After a few days you’ll find you’ve learned quite a bit, without setting aside time to study.

Popling - Learn, without studying
Click the tiny notification window to see a card, ignore and it’ll go away.

Popling - Learn, without studying
Retention mode requires you to type the last card you learned.

Popling is just getting started. To help me get it ready for the prime time, I’m looking for some very vocal beta testers who want to learn, will report bugs and provide opinions on what could make Popling better. There are currently Poplings for basic Spanish, Indonesian, German and French with more to come.

If you are interested, go sign up for an account using the invite code: “seventy“. Be quick though, invites are limited. For more information, including a screencast of Popling in action, check out

Thanks, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Fatal Shark Attack In San Diego

Friday, April 25th, 2008

The first shark attack in San Diego in forever happened this morning at Fletcher Cove, Solana Beach. Fox 6 reports the victim’s leg was severed below the knee and he bled to death. The attack comes after a week in which a 3-4 foot baby great white was spotted cruising around Cardiff reefs. As is often the case during events like this, the Surfer Mag forum already has a post with links to more info.

It’s kind of a weird scene here in Cardiff, with a helicopter urging everyone out of the water over a PA. While we are waiting for more info from the area news, check out this list of fatal shark attacks in the US and these accounts of white shark attacks in La Jolla Cove.

light posting

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Posting will be light for a few days folks, I’m enjoying a different form of water, in coloRADo. Fresh powder and lack of interwebs are the culprets.

Silent Night

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

I hope your holidays are as peaceful as a session that lasts extra long…

My Current Top 3

Sunday, December 16th, 2007

I got this meme from Pinniped… maybe it’ll spread. :D

(Surf) Web Places to Check Every Day
1) Surfy Surfy
2) StormSurf
3) SoCal Wind

Top 3 Surf tools
1) 5’9″ GH Twin
2) 6’2″ Patagonia Thruster
3) Patagonia 2mm Front Zip Wettie
4) Matuna’s Wax

Places I wish were my local shop
1) Mollusk SF
2) Mollusk Venice
3) Thalia

Things to watch on-line right now
1) Vice TV
2) Random YouTube Bits and Pieces
3) Kenny vs. Spenny

Surf films I can’t Wait to see
1) The Present
2) Displacement
3) All my Pentax footage, edited

People I would love have shape me a board
1) Steve Lis
2) Michele Juno
3) Steve Pendarvis
4) DK

Surfers Artisist of inspiration
1) Glide Lines
2) Pinniped
3) Clayfin

JP’s New Blog

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Did you know JP at Surfy Surfy used to do a column for the print mag Surfer Surfing? Pinliner told me that off hand while he was putting the pins on my GH. No wonder he has taken to this self publishing thing so easily… he’s an old pro. In addition to moderating the erBB surfboard design blog since day one, JP also runs Leucadia!, which takes all the boring out of local politics, calls a spade a spade, an Aceti an Ass and makes it so fun to blast all the people trying to ruin this small town that you HAVE to get involved.

I’m not sure how he has found the time to do this, but he’s started another blog, this time at Surfing Mag. His first post is a manifesto of sorts and a shot across the bow of the popout industry. Keep in mind that this is on a blog, which is part of a mag, which makes lots of money from popout ads. Sounds like someone high up over there grabbed his sack and said, to hell with it, lets let surfers cover surfing however they want.

So anyway, you knew he could take a good photo and stir up the pot with his witty banter, but did you know he could write as well? If you didn’t, check out the new Surfboards Blog on Surfing mag.

Ten Over - Links for Flat Spells
  • Hey wow, check out this video of GH I found on Mollusk's site.

    - #
  • I want one of these surfboard slings for those long walks to trestles.

    - #
  • A three six zero preformed on nothing more than a belly button. (How's the commentary brah!?!) Here's an erBB thread with more video from this contest at Sandy's Beach in Hawaii.

    - #
  • Ryan Heywood releases Bodysurf v3. Spot-Fucking-On and not a logo to be found. Makes me want to go get some with just my skin on.

    - #
  • Remember the press release, email and social media campaign quk put out when Julian Wilson pulled that sushi rollshit? O'niel and redbull have a clone of that machine rolling for Jordy's rodeo flip. Here's the video on Yahoo sports.

    - #
  • A new episode of Hi Shredability with Chris Christenson and Brad Gerlach riding Harleys and looking for waves in New York.

    - #
  • Awesome spot logos! Just don't ask where they are.

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  • Reminds me of byrne, the heads, arcade fire... etc. You can get their album for a buck through July 4th.

    - #
  • Why couldn't these guys take the Cardiff reef sup crew with them? We could have all chipped in to make it possible.

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  • The End Of The Road. Why we'll have no seafood left in 50 years. I ate my entire seafood quota for the year the other week in North Carolina.

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