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Chris Christenson Shaping at SC08

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

I’ve recently gotten a twin keel fish from Chris that really, really goes well. In honor of how freaking well that board goes, it’s officially Chris Christenson week at 70. Here’s a huge gallery of Chris shaping at sacred craft 08 by my beau Maggie Marsek. One of my favorites from the gallery:

Don’t miss this photo of Rusty checking Chris’s technique. Chris ghost shaped for r-dot for years, learning the force the old fashioned way… by mowing lots and lots of foam.


Monday, November 17th, 2008

It’s always fun to open up an email full of rad boards and sunny dispositions. Cher Pendarvis sent me this batch of Steve’s boards on request…

Cher’s has this to say about a personal board she painted: “The juvenile garibaldi is a favorite board that I’ve ridden since April. Steve shaped it using a Biofoam soybean based blank, and he glassed it with bamboo cloth.”

Another groovy painting by Cher…

Thanks Cher and Steve! You guys rock!

Update: Encinitas Surfboards has a few Pendos in the racks!

Allan Gibbons Skunk Works

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

If I were mildly rich I’d have an contract for 5 of Allan Gibbons’s skunk work specials every month.

“there are kinks in the outline- sort of large, extended wings- one set for the front foot, one set for the back.”

Alan Gibbons Surfboards

Alan Gibbons Surfboards

Alan Gibbons Surfboards

AB3 Photos – The Cops

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

There was some drama at this year’s anything but three. It seems some athoritiiii just can’t believe that a bunch of people could organize a gathering that large without commercial interests involved. Read the captions in the slide show for the whole story, with embellishment where required.

Maggie is hosting 70 or so photos of sick boards, rad shapers and surfers on her site, but she thought you might want to be able to comment and such on these here.

Photos by Maggie Marsek.

It was great to see lots of you, and even better to ride your boards. Please send ding repair bills for the boards I broke to :

Surfy Surfy
Leucadia, CA 92024

Steve Pendarvis – Pendoflex Surfboards

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

It’s hard to find information on Steve Pendarvis, or his flex tail boards. I think it’s because more concerned with innovating than marketing, and has been since Greenough put flex in surfing. I got the chance to meet him and check out some of his boards at one of Richard Kenvin’s Festivus events.

Steve blew me away with his enthusiasm and the depth of the boards he had at the show. He ran me through the concepts of a flexed out fish, then he pulled out a single fin and explained how it all works when the fin is optimized to flex with the tail. Before those two sweet rides had entirely sunk in, I found myself in the parking lot holding a thruster and then a sick sabertoothed finned twin. I have to admit, it was all a blur and made me a bit dizzy, but that could have been the PBRs as well.

To get a feel for how Steve’s boards work, there’s no one better than the man himself. I appologize though, this is the abbreviated version…

You could apply that ‘mad scientist of surf’ analogy but it’s too cliché for Steve, so instead I’ll say that the guy just leaks stoke. I’m serious. Try talking to him for 10 minutes and see if you don’t find yourself swimming in the stuff.

The Resin-X Guy Drives A Big Ass Van

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

I surfed with the polymer pro, big ass van driving, x pro snowboarder Matt Cambell, the creator of Resin-X yesterday. Matt was kind enough to offer me his Marlin Bacon quad, glassed in his special mix for a test ride. The board was light, despite the thickness Marlin added to compensate for the fresh water Matt usually surfs, but the glass job felt much stronger than a standard 4+4 over 4 poly construction (sorry Matt, I squeezed the Charmin). Unfortunately, I couldn’t put the board through any turns that would shine a light on it’s flex characteristics as Cardiff was about 2 feet on the sets.

Visually, Resin-X looks ton’s clearer than the epoxy on my Patagonia thruster. The Patagonia board is a few months older than the Resin-X board so it’s tuff to compare, but it’s starting to turn pink around the laps which is a known characteristic of some epoxies. JP of Moonlight told me Matt put Resin-X through a weather simulating UV light chamber set for a 1 year time warp, and it came out about the same as it went in, and faired way better than both epoxy and poly. The board also had a bright gloss finish which looks great and helps protect the board even further.

One of the most important factors in a light glass job is durability. Matt’s got the lab tests to stand behind his mix, but apparently Marlin’s feed back throughout the process told him what to expect even before the testing was complete. Stands to reason that a lab just can’t beat trials conducted by a board building expert.

Resin-X seems like it’s going to be a serious advancement for domestic glassers that will help them keep up with the growing demands for durability in light glass jobs. Judging from what I saw today, I’d feel confident enough to order my next custom wrapped in the stuff.

For more info on Resin-X see:

Surfy Surfy’s Resin-X Posts
Resin-X… What’s The Scoop erBB thread

New Slider

Tuesday, November 6th, 2007

Me and Andy B checking out a new slider, a Dano NoseRider model purchased at Mollusk Venice.

Dano Surfboards

Stolen Steve Lis Fish

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

The surfblogger Born To Lose had his sick sick sick Steve Lis stolen out of his car.

Stolen Lis

Help him track it down here.

Sacred Craft Surfboard Show

Monday, September 17th, 2007

The Sacred Craft Surfboard Show put together by Scott Bass is really shaping up. Hehe. The list of exhibitors is long and includes more shapers than popout distributors. The Panels/Discussions are going to be interesting to say the least. Don’t miss Moonlight vs. the sellouts on Sunday. Here’s the schedual:


10:30 AM: The Sustainable Surfboard with Ned McMahon

11:00-12:00: Don’t Call Me Skeg-everything you’ve ever wanted to know about fins, featuring Jimmy Robertson/Lok-Box, Tyler Callaway/FCS, Larry Allison/Pro Box, and Mike Caldwell/ Future Fins

1:00-2:00: 21st Century Boards-the latest manufacturing techniques with Al Merrick, Matt Biolos, Paul Jensen, Stu Kenson, plus representatives (TBA) from Boardworks, Aviso and Firewire.

2:00-3:00: The Kahunas-a candid history of the surfboard industry from the guys who shaped it by hand, featuring Mickey Munoz, Dick Metz, Mike Eaton (tbd) and Terry Martin

4:00-6:00pm: The Surf Chiefs: Pull up a beer or glass of wine and listen to rockin’ surf guitar from the legendary Del Mar trio


10:30 AM: Core Values with Jon Stillman from Ice 9 Foam Works

11:00-12:00: Offshore Winds-the globalization of the surfboard industry with reps from . . . Lost, Channel Islands, Boardworks, 9Fish, and Moonlight Glassing.

2:00-3:00: Color Your World-a do-it-yourself board-painting demo from renowned surfer/artist Drew Brophy.

Hull And A Place To Ride

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Tim Elsner shares this sick 6’10 Klaus Jones blade. Tim Says.. “This is the board Jimmy Gamboa is riding in “One California Day” but Jimmy’s is 6’8″. Like Greg Liddle, Klaus Jones builds the whole board himself.

Pics of the full deck, hull and a place to ride it after the jump. Thanks Tim.


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