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Tough Qs for Slater

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Kelly Slater* answers some tough questions at Randominium. * where by Kelly Slater = the interviewer’s imagination.


Monday, February 23rd, 2009

My special lady friend Maggie Marsek is now blogging at It’s only been running a few weeks, but she’s already posted about the uber talented Chris Cravey, our trip to the Salton Sea, some Gothic Dolphins sightings and other rad surfy/cooky/photoy stuff.

Go check it out and leave a nice note. She gets giggly and blushes over sweet comments. I love it when she blushes.

The Baddest Boardbag Ever

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Finally a weapon in the war against baggage handlers. Who knows how durable it is, but repairing it has to be easier than repairing a board.

If it could lower the excess fees airlines I’d wear and orange robe and devote my life to worshiping at the factory. In between surf trips of course.

US Citizen Deaths in Mexico: 200 Since 04

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Mexico’s escalating wave of violence amounts to the highest number of unnatural deaths in any foreign country outside military combat zones. via Mr. Cooper.

Sharing The Fish

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

This guest column in the New York Times ranks as the best article I’ve read in that publication in 10 years of near daily perusal. A quote:

It is the last evening of the marine ecology course my wife and I teach each year at a field station in Bahía de Los Ángeles, a small fishing village on the Gulf of California. We’ve invited four local fishermen to join us for dinner, and they sit now in plastic chairs on our patio — the guests of honor, with a dozen college kids gathered before them like disciples.

The eldest of the fishermen, Memo, rubs his grizzled chin in somber recollection, for one of our students has just asked a pointed and painful question: Which species have disappeared in his lifetime?

Solemnly, as though he’s reciting the names of his own deceased ancestors, Memo begins: the sea cucumbers, the fan clam, the lion’s paw scallop . . . . He’s working his way back in time, I think, moving from the most recently vanished toward the creatures that disappeared when he was a child.

The ocean, managed properly could have been a resource for all. It still can to some extent, but not without proper management. That management can start with you, if you make the choice to eat less seafood:

  • Go to the sushi bar one less time a month, (that shouldn’t be hard to do in this economy.)
  • Be careful about the fish you order.
  • Don’t eat shrimp unless they are farm raised
  • Eat only vegetables and grains two nights a week or more.
  • Try to make those vegetables organic, they create less pesticide run-off into the streams, into the ocean.

It’s not difficult, it saves you money, and it could save many species for Memo for you and for me.

Ten Over - Links for Flat Spells
  • Hey wow, check out this video of GH I found on Mollusk's site.

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  • I want one of these surfboard slings for those long walks to trestles.

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  • A three six zero preformed on nothing more than a belly button. (How's the commentary brah!?!) Here's an erBB thread with more video from this contest at Sandy's Beach in Hawaii.

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  • Ryan Heywood releases Bodysurf v3. Spot-Fucking-On and not a logo to be found. Makes me want to go get some with just my skin on.

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  • Remember the press release, email and social media campaign quk put out when Julian Wilson pulled that sushi rollshit? O'niel and redbull have a clone of that machine rolling for Jordy's rodeo flip. Here's the video on Yahoo sports.

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  • A new episode of Hi Shredability with Chris Christenson and Brad Gerlach riding Harleys and looking for waves in New York.

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  • Awesome spot logos! Just don't ask where they are.

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  • Reminds me of byrne, the heads, arcade fire... etc. You can get their album for a buck through July 4th.

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  • Why couldn't these guys take the Cardiff reef sup crew with them? We could have all chipped in to make it possible.

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  • The End Of The Road. Why we'll have no seafood left in 50 years. I ate my entire seafood quota for the year the other week in North Carolina.

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