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Yellow Avocados

Friday, March 31st, 2006

yellow avocados sunset

Sunset at Avocados. -Maggie Marsek

This image will be auctioned at the Surfrider San Diego Art Gala…

custom tailblocks

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Some custom tail blocks by the new zeland company surfline

surfline custom tail blocks

enter the dragonboard

Monday, March 27th, 2006

the dragonboard. hollow wooden surfboard
This guy makes some wild rides.

Rob Machado Surf Classic Canceled?

Friday, March 24th, 2006

JP of Moonlight Glassing writes that the Rob Machado Classic might be shut down this year on his blog, Keep Leucadia Funky.

A North County Times article cites size of crowd, rock music and alcohol as the problems.

Rob sounds upbeat though, he told the NCT… “Our goal is still to pull it off”.

Lets hope so. The event is the only contest I go to. Last years board buildoff is the kind of thing that should happen at all events. Especially when I luck out and win a Tim Bessell fish like I did last year.

Rob Machado

fins fins fins fins fins

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006


Info and more pics on the BB

Tim Curran’s flip

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Tim Curran narrates a photo sequence of his flip at


Friday, March 17th, 2006

Shipsterns, Tasmania, March 11th, 2006.

shipstern march 11th 2006

Cold water staircases crease a barrel that at any given moment in its warbling revolution, might jack to over twice it’s size or collapse on anyone under it. If that doesn’t sound sketchy, have a look at the six foot ledges in the face of one of these beasts. I’d say they put it on par with any 13 stair, double kinked handrail that moves at 30mph anyone on 4 wheels and trucks ever attempted. Wait a sec, no one does 13 stair double kinked handrails that move at 30 miles an hour.

Andy and Parko towed in (QT & WMP) and talked about it after (QT & WMP).

Laurie Towner, a complete freak, ollied off a 6 foot section, then PADDLED in (QT & WMP & stills) six days ago, and is STILL burried under the World Team List/Austrialia section of the Billabong site. Call the web nerds BB, and get him on the front freaking page.

UPDATE: longer video at click events/adventure division. Great stills at alpha launch

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

The onshore winds and complete lack of swell has been good for development, if not surfing. I launched today to a small group of alpha users. I’ll be working with them to iron out the user interface and bugs as well as incorporating their feedback into the app.

On advice from Shaun Rust, I’ve ramped up the adition of Illness Logging to be included in the initial alpha release. It’s the reason 70 was started in the first place, so it really didn’t make sense to leave it out untill later. The current plan is to break it out into the main site and not to require registration to post to it. I’ve got alot of work to do to it before this happens though, as it could be a spam/localism nightmare.

I hope to be in an invitation based beta release in two weeks so email me at 70 at if you want to help out.

UPDATE: 70 is now logging illnesses users think they may have contracted from the ocean… woot!

Ten Over - Links for Flat Spells
  • Hey wow, check out this video of GH I found on Mollusk's site.

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  • I want one of these surfboard slings for those long walks to trestles.

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  • A three six zero preformed on nothing more than a belly button. (How's the commentary brah!?!) Here's an erBB thread with more video from this contest at Sandy's Beach in Hawaii.

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  • Ryan Heywood releases Bodysurf v3. Spot-Fucking-On and not a logo to be found. Makes me want to go get some with just my skin on.

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  • Remember the press release, email and social media campaign quk put out when Julian Wilson pulled that sushi rollshit? O'niel and redbull have a clone of that machine rolling for Jordy's rodeo flip. Here's the video on Yahoo sports.

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  • A new episode of Hi Shredability with Chris Christenson and Brad Gerlach riding Harleys and looking for waves in New York.

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  • Awesome spot logos! Just don't ask where they are.

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  • Reminds me of byrne, the heads, arcade fire... etc. You can get their album for a buck through July 4th.

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  • Why couldn't these guys take the Cardiff reef sup crew with them? We could have all chipped in to make it possible.

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  • The End Of The Road. Why we'll have no seafood left in 50 years. I ate my entire seafood quota for the year the other week in North Carolina.

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