American Betting Trends See Shifting to Soccer

April 2nd, 2016

American Betting Trends See Shifting to Soccer

sport betting trend in United States shows quite a shift from sports like footballs and racing to soccer; here are a short look on that phenomenon.

Up until a decade ago, American football seemed to be the only sport Americans bet on. Now, the trend of sport betting in United States is starting to show small but noticeable shift to soccer. While United States never has noticeable fame in soccer, the game still has its universal appeal, especially after David Beckham moves to American Galaxy team. Plus, from betting point of view, soccer also has some advantages.

Sport Betting Advantages on Soccer


Besides the universal appeal of soccer, betting on this sport is, in many ways, more convenient especially for intermediate and advanced bettors. In sport betting on footballs, hockey and baseballs (America’s favorite sports), the bets are created on spread points. However, in soccer, there are no spread points because of the point system. Therefore, you can only bet with money lines, although the scoring and tie result can also be wagered. Again, these are benefits of betting on soccer.

The popularity of soccer betting also makes many sportsbooks focus specifically on soccer, which means there are even more options for you to choose a sport betting platform. This means you have opportunities to choose betting platforms that have the best odds to suit your betting preferences.