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World Cup is an event culminated from long series of qualification rounds, and each region has different characteristics.

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American Betting Trends See Shifting to Soccer

sport betting trend in United States shows quite a shift from sports like footballs and racing to soccer; here are a short look on that phenomenon.

Up until a decade ago, American football seemed to be the only sport Americans bet on. Now, the trend of sport betting or judi poker in United States is starting to show small but noticeable shift to soccer. While United States never has noticeable fame in soccer, the game still has its universal appeal, especially after David Beckham moves to American Galaxy team. Plus, from betting point of view, soccer also has some advantages. Read More

How FIFA Decides Which Team Can Compete in World Cup




You may be among those who are enjoying World Cup, betting against favorite teams or simply enjoying the game. However, have you ever thought how FIFA decides which soccer team that is qualified for the game? There are hundreds of big teams in the world, and there are only 32 teams that can compete in the World Cup, so there must be a system to determine the formation. And yes, the process can be a long one. Read More